Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of all information presented to us.

We understand our obligation to ensure the protection of information pertaining to individuals and/or groups as set out in the National Privacy Principals as found in the Privacy Act 1988, as amended.

Any personal information received by Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd is maintained as privy to only those individuals deemed to require knowledge of this information for the undertaking of services offered by Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd. This information is not made available to any persons not deemed to be providing a service that Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd has been contracted to undertake.

All personal information is stored securely and can be accessed only with the consent of the Director(s) of Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd.

No personal information will be made available to any third parties without the consent of the individual and/or their legal representative. No personal information will be conveyed electronically from Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd via its website, although we may receive personal information via our website or fax. Information received via website or fax will not be released to any parties without the consent of the party sending that information.

Data is hosted securely at a Primary site: Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is ISO9001 and IRAP certified. It is encrypted at rest and in transit which is achieved by SSLVPN & Windows BitLocker. Personnel accessing systems have required authentication procedures.

Rocket Rehab Pty Limited takes all reasonable steps to protect the security of personal and sensitive information collected.  This includes measures to protect electronic materials and materials stored and generated in hard copy.

Rocket Rehab Pty Limited store sensitive and confidential information on a security-controlled database.  This database enables Rocket Rehab Pty Limited to lock access to various users, as deemed appropriate regarding the nature of information and purpose for which that information has been obtained.

Rocket Rehab Pty Limited operates as a paperless office where possible.  However, if confidential or sensitive information is in written format on paper, this information is discarded using a secure paper removal and destruction process once no longer required.

Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd may also collect non-personal information deemed to be in relation to a service we have undertaken on behalf of an individual and/or at the request of their legal representative. This information will remain privy to only those individuals contracted by Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd and deemed to require the knowledge of this information so as to carry out the service requested of Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd.

Any information collected by Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd can be altered. Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd will make every reasonable effort to ensure that in the case that it undertakes to alter information it has received from a third party, the altering of this information will be communicated as promptly as is reasonable to the party from where the information originated.

Any parties having supplied information to Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd will be entitled to request confirmation of receipt of that information by Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd. Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd will be entitled to retain a copy of all information it has been supplied for a period which it alone deems to be necessary so that it will meet any legal requirements.

Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd ensures that all information requested, is requested as seen to be necessary, so that services conducted by Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd can be concluded as requested.

No owner, employee or contractor of Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd will keep in their possession any personal information supplied to us for any period deemed to be longer than the reasonable period necessary for the services contracted to Rocket Rehab Pty Ltd to be concluded.