About Us

Rocket Rehab is a clinical consulting firm that specialise in providing occupational rehabilitation and work health and safety services. We achieve sustainable results by working closely with our customers and understanding all their needs.

We employ allied health professionals who specialise in assessing, implementing and evaluating return to work and safety solutions. Our key focus is to minimise workplace injuries and illnesses and provide our customers with tailored solutions to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Our services assist to reduce the overall costs involved in the management of workers compensation claims and the obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act.

Latest News

Rocket Rehab now offers PGAP!

The Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) is an evidence based treatment program for reducing disability associated with pain, depression, PTSD, cancer and other chronic health conditions.

Contact us if you or anyone you know may benefit from PGAP.

What we deliver

Rocket Rehab delivers occupational rehabilitation and work health and safety services. All our services are tailored to meet the exact needs of our customer.

This includes:

  • Professional injury management that achieves positive return to work outcomes
  • Education enabling customers to proactively and independently manage risks and injuries
  • Peace of mind for Injured Employees, Employers and Insurance Agents
  • Identification and implementation of evidence based solutions
  • Achievement of positive return to work outcomes
  • Valid and reliable assessments meeting Work Health and Safety obligations and mitigating control measures
  • Full lifecycle injury management
  • Bio psychosocial assessment of an individual’s injury or illness
  • Workplace training and education
  • Job seeking services

Who we serve

  • Injured or ill workers requiring assistance with their workers compensation claim
  • Employers requiring assistance with the injury management of their employees and any work health and safety obligations
  • Insurance agents requiring assistance with managing the rehabilitation aspect of any injured worker
  • Specialist doctors, General Practitioners, treating health professionals including Psychologists and Physiotherapists, ensuring their clients are able to return to work in a safe and sustainable manner

Our Mission

To achieve cost effective, successful and sustainable outcomes for all customers and injured workers.

With this mission in mind, Rocket Rehab has developed into a trustworthy, reliable and creative organisation, founded on principles of simplicity, consistency and clarity. This approach to all aspects of the business has allowed for the development of a culture of excellence, where employees share knowledge, listen to customers needs and deliver work that exceeds expectations.

Our Success

We measure our success against the following critical factors:-

  • Successfully rehabilitated clients
  • Cost effective and time efficient injury management services
  • Effective communication and attention to detail
  • Customer satisfaction